Who we are

Mission statement :
‘WAVES OF GOOD HOPE works towards improving the quality of life of those,
particularly women and children, affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse and physical
and mental disabilities in the Cape Town region of South Africa.’

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE is a registered charity set up with the intention of supporting groups that work directly with those in need, in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE support projects that directly help HIV/AIDS victims, empower disadvantaged women and children as well as those assisting the mentally and physically disabled. See or projects page for more details.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE runs two Canberra based fundraising events each year plus events in Cape Town. See our events page for further details.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE is run by Dee Drummond in Canberra, Australia and Ria Ford in Sydney, Australia. We are sisters who share an equal commitment towards trying to improve, in our own small way, the lives of those who suffer such hardships on a daily basis. John Bleach, a Cape Town local, also plays an integral role in the running of Waves of Good Hope. John contributes his time and efforts to assist us in researching established community groups to assess funding requirements and financial and long term project viability. He is in daily contact with many worthy organisations and truly understands the difficulties faced by the dedicated staff on these projects. Together with your ongoing support Waves Of Good Hope can continue to assist our beneficiaries by fulfilling ‘wish list’ requests and assisting with other identified project needs.

Waves of Good Hope Management Committee

Dxxe Dxxxx Founder / Co-Director
Rxxxx  ……… .Co-Director
Joxx Blexh Projects Manager

Please feel free to contact us – we would love to hear from you