Our events

Waves of Good Hope hold fundraising events in both Canberra and Cape Town.

Waves Of Good Hope holds only two Canberra based fundraising events each year. This enables us to provide quality events without requesting too much support from our generous sponsors and supporters.

Cape Town
The main Waves Of Good Hope event is the Annual Schools Trash and Treasure. The response to these collections has been unprecedented and allows Waves Of Good Hope to distribute goods to a number of projects.

2007-08 Annual Schools Cape Town Trash and Treasure Collection

Ria and John are in the final stages of distributing the goods so kindly received from many Cape Town schools. I will follow up with further details and of course some wonderful pictures in the near future. In the meant time I am sure John– Waves Of Good Hope Project Manager – wont mind me quoting him on the joy he experienced in distributing goods to Sive Nathi, home for severely and profoundly physically and or mentally disabled children.

“…we had great fun sorting then delivering the MOUNTAIN of clothing, toys, books and sports gear to Sive Nathi, Hesa, Saint Anne’s etc and collecting a fresh load, resorting for Future Factory. It’s SUCH satisfying work. I only wish you could have been there to see the delight in the faces of the kids at, for example Sive Nathi. Among the toys was a jack-in-the-box and I carried it around the cots. Huge eyes looking up in pure astonishment and with heartbreakingly beautiful smiles, gurgles of delighted surprise, shouts of joy…”
John Bleach, Waves Of Good Hope Projects Manager



Waves of Good Hope will have its first European fundraising event on Queens Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 30th April 2007.
Waves of Good Hope will have a stall with South African bead and wire craft will be on sale – profits raised will go towards funding projects in the Western Cape with the emphasis on supporting those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Spectacular orange bead and wire tiaras have been made for the event and will be sold exclusively from the Waves Of Good Hope stand on the day. There will also be orange bead & wire flowers, key rings and other assorted crafts for sale. We will also be promoting the work of Waves of Good Hope carries out in the Cape Town Region.

Click here for more information on our Amsterdam Fundraising.

Waves Of Good Hope is currently looking into holding an annual fundraising event in the UK. More details as they become available.

Waves of Good Hope August 2006
Canberra fundraising
Thanks to all who attended the recent Waves Of Good Hope fundraising events held in Canberra at Ethiopia Down Under. The money raised will go along way towards helping out HESA and Cotlands Western Cape.

Tickets for the Thursday 10th August Evening event sold out within two days so we subsequently scheduled a second event on Sunday 13th of August. Both of these events were filled to capacity and in excess of $5000 was raised!! Much fun was had and some lucky bidders left with some fabulous South African metal and bead art made by disadvantage Cape Town locals.
Waves of Good Hope would particularly like to thanks the South African High Commissioner, Mr Anthony Mongalo and his senior staff, all of whom attended the Sunday fundraising session. Mr Mongalo addressed those present and highlighted the work being done to allow greater access to anti-retro viral medication. We thank him for his kind words and support for Waves Of Good Hope.


“Thanks so much for all the goods. It was quite miraculously timed as two of my counsellors were very emotional and teary about a few kids that they are counselling that have hardly eaten and have no clean clothes. They were completely neglected by their mother. So we were able to give those kids some clothes and toys.”
Lane Benjamin, CASE

“Thank you to everyone who was involved in the project, the goods we received are truly treasure and the children felt like it was Christmas – like they have never had before.”
Peter Braat, Secretary & Vice President, KAYA NOW NOW

“Thank you is not enough for people as generous as you. Thank you so much for the generosity of a donation of clothes, toys, books, bedding and for the children. We really appreciate all the effort that you put into finding the needs for the kids”
Gideon Dapula, Home Fundraiser SIVE NATHI