“The Trinity”

Discussion #1

Tonight at Bible Class, we decided it would be nice to start some threads via blog entries for discussion of certain theological concepts. So this is our first effort.

Tonight, we got going on “the Trinity.”

What is “The Trinity?”

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For the record, Christadelphians are not “Trinitarians.” We acknowledge that Jesus was a special human, designated by God (the Creator, known by name to His followers as Yahweh, or in Hebrew, the “Tetragrammation” YHVH, or equivalent) to be the Savior of all mankind. It’s a beautiful plan, and the Bible bears it out quite clearly and wonderfully.

So the first step in discussing whether or not you are or are not a Trinitarian, based on select Bible verses, is to enter the discussion believing 2 things:

1. the Bible is true, and everything it says is true, and
2. you have to cast off all pre-conceived ideas, and try to see it from the other person’s perspective. A corollary to this idea is: people will generally believe whatever they want to. Don’t expect to make some huge doctrinal breakthrough in a discussion or two…

Believe me, I’ve tried to be Trinitarian.

I just can’t be one. It just doesn’t make sense. At least in the classic sense. So what you find is that people who say they’re hard-core Trinitarians actually believe some different version of Trinitarianism! WHEW!!! That’s a lot of syllables!

So let’s simplify this thing: basically, which do you believe:
1. Jesus was human, flesh and blood, mortal, the Son of God; or
2. Jesus was God, who decided to be human, flesh and blood, mortal, etc.?

Or do you claim to believe both? Think hard about that one…

Here’s another question: how did the doctrine of the Trinity come up in the first place?

I think it was from verses like “I and the Father are one,” (John 10:30) and “by him (Jesus) were all things created,” (Colossians 1:16) and “in him (Jesus) dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily,” (Colossians 2:9) and the like. They’re NOT easy verses. They stretch our imaginations.

So let’s jump right in with Colossians 1. What is Paul saying here? Start in verse 13, and look through to verse 20.

—IMPORTANT!!!! If you’re not ready for some DEEP theological discussion, go back to Genesis and begin there by learning the stories. Immerse yourself in the stories of the Old Testament, where Yahweh seems to prepare you for the deeper things He reveals later in His Bible. —

The sum of these verses is this:

Jesus Christ is supreme.

Supreme among whom? Gods? People? What does this mean?

There are a few clues: verse 18 states He was the First-born from the dead. How was this? Well, He was the first human to be raised to immortality, for one thing. How did He do that? By leading a sinless, selfless life! “The grave could not hold Him.” (Acts 2:23-24)

How else was he supreme?

He, Jesus Christ, is the man upon whom the WHOLE CREATION depends for life!!! Without Jesus’s death on the cross, we are ALL without hope, which = DEAD!!! So essentially, without Jesus Christ, there IS NO CREATION. So in that sense, all things were created by Him, when He died.

Does that make him the Creator? In a sense – he is the Creator of the New Creation – the one that should transform normal people into the type of person who is willing to live the way he showed us.

Who was there in Genesis 1:1? Certainly Yahweh had Jesus in mind from the beginning – a way to reconcile people to Himself, as Paul puts it in Colossians…but the physical Creation was ALL YAHWEH.

And Yahweh gave His Son, Jesus, that we might not perish, but have everlasting life! (John 3:16) Jesus is the virtual linch-pin of all creation – the Supreme Human, the Son of God. He wants us to give all glory to His Father, God – the ONLY ONE WHO IS GOOD, by Jesus’s own admission/direction to the young ruler – “Why are you calling ME good? There is none good but One – the FATHER!” (Matthew 19:17, Mark 10:18, Luke 18:19)

Jesus did amazing things for us. We are right to be eternally grateful. God, our Creator, is the One True God, Who has no equal. There is a difference. We thank God that He sent His Son Jesus, so we might see how a human ought to imitate Him. Jesus was truly “God with us” (“Emmanuel” Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23). He related to us on a human level, which is why God’s plan culminating in Him is so beautiful. It gives us insight into how we can follow Yahweh in our mere mortal state.

And anyway, we have to confess that Jesus came “in the flesh.” It’s what sets us apart….II John 1:7

Think about that…

Welcome to waves of good hope

Waves Of Good Hope is a registered Australian Charity that has been set up with the intention of helping to support those in need in Cape Town, South Africa. Please read the who we are page to know more about Waves Of Good Hope and what we are acheving. Please see the events page for more details of Waves Of Good Hope fundraising.

“Thank you is not enough for people as generous as you. Thank you so much for the generosity of a donation of clothes, toys, books, bedding and for the children. We really appreciate all the effort that you put into finding the needs for the kids”
Gideon Dapula, Home Fundraiser SIVE NATHI

Our events

Waves of Good Hope hold fundraising events in both Canberra and Cape Town.

Waves Of Good Hope holds only two Canberra based fundraising events each year. This enables us to provide quality events without requesting too much support from our generous sponsors and supporters.

Cape Town
The main Waves Of Good Hope event is the Annual Schools Trash and Treasure. The response to these collections has been unprecedented and allows Waves Of Good Hope to distribute goods to a number of projects.

2007-08 Annual Schools Cape Town Trash and Treasure Collection

Ria and John are in the final stages of distributing the goods so kindly received from many Cape Town schools. I will follow up with further details and of course some wonderful pictures in the near future. In the meant time I am sure John– Waves Of Good Hope Project Manager – wont mind me quoting him on the joy he experienced in distributing goods to Sive Nathi, home for severely and profoundly physically and or mentally disabled children.

“…we had great fun sorting then delivering the MOUNTAIN of clothing, toys, books and sports gear to Sive Nathi, Hesa, Saint Anne’s etc and collecting a fresh load, resorting for Future Factory. It’s SUCH satisfying work. I only wish you could have been there to see the delight in the faces of the kids at, for example Sive Nathi. Among the toys was a jack-in-the-box and I carried it around the cots. Huge eyes looking up in pure astonishment and with heartbreakingly beautiful smiles, gurgles of delighted surprise, shouts of joy…”
John Bleach, Waves Of Good Hope Projects Manager



Waves of Good Hope will have its first European fundraising event on Queens Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 30th April 2007.
Waves of Good Hope will have a stall with South African bead and wire craft will be on sale – profits raised will go towards funding projects in the Western Cape with the emphasis on supporting those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Spectacular orange bead and wire tiaras have been made for the event and will be sold exclusively from the Waves Of Good Hope stand on the day. There will also be orange bead & wire flowers, key rings and other assorted crafts for sale. We will also be promoting the work of Waves of Good Hope carries out in the Cape Town Region.

Click here for more information on our Amsterdam Fundraising.

Waves Of Good Hope is currently looking into holding an annual fundraising event in the UK. More details as they become available.

Waves of Good Hope August 2006
Canberra fundraising
Thanks to all who attended the recent Waves Of Good Hope fundraising events held in Canberra at Ethiopia Down Under. The money raised will go along way towards helping out HESA and Cotlands Western Cape.

Tickets for the Thursday 10th August Evening event sold out within two days so we subsequently scheduled a second event on Sunday 13th of August. Both of these events were filled to capacity and in excess of $5000 was raised!! Much fun was had and some lucky bidders left with some fabulous South African metal and bead art made by disadvantage Cape Town locals.
Waves of Good Hope would particularly like to thanks the South African High Commissioner, Mr Anthony Mongalo and his senior staff, all of whom attended the Sunday fundraising session. Mr Mongalo addressed those present and highlighted the work being done to allow greater access to anti-retro viral medication. We thank him for his kind words and support for Waves Of Good Hope.


“Thanks so much for all the goods. It was quite miraculously timed as two of my counsellors were very emotional and teary about a few kids that they are counselling that have hardly eaten and have no clean clothes. They were completely neglected by their mother. So we were able to give those kids some clothes and toys.”
Lane Benjamin, CASE

“Thank you to everyone who was involved in the project, the goods we received are truly treasure and the children felt like it was Christmas – like they have never had before.”
Peter Braat, Secretary & Vice President, KAYA NOW NOW

“Thank you is not enough for people as generous as you. Thank you so much for the generosity of a donation of clothes, toys, books, bedding and for the children. We really appreciate all the effort that you put into finding the needs for the kids”
Gideon Dapula, Home Fundraiser SIVE NATHI

Our projects

Waves of Good Hope, particularly John Bleach, spends a great deal of time assessing the needs of the various projects in the Cape Town Region. The community based projects that Waves of Good Hope decide to support generally receive little or, in most cases, no government funding or support.
Once Waves of Good hope have made a decision to support, we then establish how best we can meet the projects’ needs. This may be through fulfilling some project needs by either:

Direct giving to children, families and project staff through Cape Town Trash and Treasure or other local Cape Town sponsors and supporters
Financially support by purchasing items from ‘Wish Lists”

The main projects we currently support are:


Cotlands provides residential care for up to 30 children from birth to seven years who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and who cannot be cared for in the community.

Sive Nathi

Sive Nathi is a home for severely and profoundly physically and or mentally disabled children. The home was originally started by a domestic worker from Khayelitsha in 1997. Since then she has given a home to disabled children whose parents have died, no longer want their sick children or simply cannot cope with their disabilities.

Kaya Now Now

Kaya-Now-Now’s primary objective is to be instrumental in the realisation of development projects, focused on, but not limited to, projects dealing with Early Childhood Development, HIV/AIDS education, community development and nature conservation.
Kaya Now Now website

Community Action towards a Safer Environment (CASE)

CASE seeks to break the cycle of crime and violence in which young people live by equipping community members to recognise and respond appropriately to both the causes and effects of crime and violence in their communities.
CASE website

Future Factory

Future Factory is a sports development project that works with a number of
disadvantaged schools in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

Who we are

Mission statement :
‘WAVES OF GOOD HOPE works towards improving the quality of life of those,
particularly women and children, affected by HIV/AIDS, abuse and physical
and mental disabilities in the Cape Town region of South Africa.’

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE is a registered charity set up with the intention of supporting groups that work directly with those in need, in and around Cape Town, South Africa.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE support projects that directly help HIV/AIDS victims, empower disadvantaged women and children as well as those assisting the mentally and physically disabled. See or projects page for more details.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE runs two Canberra based fundraising events each year plus events in Cape Town. See our events page for further details.

WAVES OF GOOD HOPE is run by Dee Drummond in Canberra, Australia and Ria Ford in Sydney, Australia. We are sisters who share an equal commitment towards trying to improve, in our own small way, the lives of those who suffer such hardships on a daily basis. John Bleach, a Cape Town local, also plays an integral role in the running of Waves of Good Hope. John contributes his time and efforts to assist us in researching established community groups to assess funding requirements and financial and long term project viability. He is in daily contact with many worthy organisations and truly understands the difficulties faced by the dedicated staff on these projects. Together with your ongoing support Waves Of Good Hope can continue to assist our beneficiaries by fulfilling ‘wish list’ requests and assisting with other identified project needs.

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