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    The Sovereign State of Good Hope is the formation of a new sovereign nation state being the result of a legitimate and lawful process of secession by the traditional hereditary tribal leader of the Khoisan Nation, Gaob (which loosely translates to King in English) Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III. This territory includes most of what is currently known as the Cape province of South Africa, and extends to the northern border of the Cape and ends at the Fish River on the eastern frontier.
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    Funding is needed to support the efforts of secession, please get involved by contacting us, or by donating to the Sovereign State of Good Hope.


    Having withdrawn from the corrupt and murderous African National Congress run state of South Africa, the Sovereign State of Good hope aims to implement a policy of Self Determination, rather than being a politically dominating force of corruption. In various interviews, King Cornelius has clearly stated that he has no intention of controlling the resources, rather he wants abundance for all people within the Sovereign State of Good Hope. A wise and compassionate soul, the King has clearly and humbly expressed his knowledge regarding the abundance of resources within the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and he is well aware that these resources are mismanaged, resulting in as much as half of South Africa’s population living in poverty and in complete fear for their lives under the corrupt political regime.

    The intention of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, is to restore a state of dignity to those who are impoverished and suffering; to overhaul the education system in a way that teaches compassion and practical skills, whilst eradicating the lies from history classes. The Sovereign State of Good Hope intends to assist all people realise their fullest potential, and to live in a fair, just, peaceful, sustainable nation state.

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