The Sovereign State of Good Hope is the formation of a new sovereign nation state

being the result of a legitimate and lawful process of secession by the traditional hereditary tribal leader of the Khoisan Nation, Gaob (which loosely translates to King in English) Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III. This territory includes most of what is currently known as the Cape province of South Africa, and extends to the northern border of the Cape and ends at the Fish River on the eastern frontier.

On the 24 September 2017, King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III engaged in a legitimate and lawful ceremony of secession at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town. This ceremony was broadcast live on Conscious Consumer Network, an independent media network, and was completely ignored by the government controlled mainstream media.


Secession is the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state. The white South African people approached the Khoisan king with a plan for secession and it was discussed over a five hour long meeting. The plan was agreed to and a verbal agreement was put in place. The plan was simple, that the Khoisan king secede with the backing of the Afrikaner (a.k.a Boers), Eurokaner (white European descendants) and Coloureds. For this backing, these four nations would equally power share in a new government under a sovereign parliament federal government system as laid out in the brief that was received by all parties and media. And thus a relationship was born and a new hope was given to the four nations to unite under a new country.



The ANC government has implemented economic polices that has resulted in massive unemployment and corruption of resources, driving South Africa into a state of crisis. As a result, the South African Rand has been given “Junk Status” by the international community. South Africa has the highest violent crime rate in the world, with many people living in total poverty and absolute fear.

The ANC has propagated the belief that white people stole land from the black people of South Africa, and that they therefore have the right to take that land back by any means necessary. However, this is a totally invalid argument, as it was not their land to begin with. There were virtually no “black” / Nguni / Bantu people in South Africa at the time when the Dutch East India Company arrived, rather this genetic group / tribe were located further to the north eastern parts of South Africa.


It has been documented in historical record that the Original people of the land that has become the Sovereign State of Good Hope, were what is now known as the Khoisan Nation. These people are often referenced as “Bushmen” or “Hottentots”, but they are the original inhabitants of the area that now forms the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and therefore, they are the only legitimate group that can claim they were there before the first white settlers arrived in the Cape in 1652. In fact the Khoisan were once the largest group of human inhabitants on Earth, but their culture and way of life has slowly been eroded over many thousands of years, and they are an endangered group, having been marginalised, sidelined, ignored and forgotten by the ruling African National Congress government.

Queen Jenny & King Cornelius



The hereditary tribal leader of the Khoisan Nation is know as Gaob, which loosely translates into what we understand as “King” in the English Language. Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III comes from a long lineage of tribal leaders, and has inherited the position, and therefore he is the only person who has right to engage in this process of secession on behalf of the Khoisan, as the recognised head of the Royal House of the Khoisan Nation.


Thanks to the advice and guidance of Law Professor Winston P. Nagan, the opportunity has been created for the Khoisan King to step up and help South Africa by withdrawing from the corrupt and murderous government that currently terrorises South Africa. Professor Nagan is himself was born in South Africa and is also a descendent of the Khoisan Nation. His experience, expertise and credentials is vastly impressive, and thus it can not be disputed that the King has been advised by the finest legal professionals from across the world, and that his act of secession is a recognised lawful process in accordance with International Law, United Nations Law, and African Union Law.


Having withdrawn from the corrupt and murderous African National Congress run state of South Africa, the Sovereign State of Good hope aims to implement a policy of Self Determination, rather than being a politically dominating force of corruption. In various interviews, King Cornelius has clearly stated that he has no intention of controlling the resources, rather he wants abundance for all people within the Sovereign State of Good Hope. A wise and compassionate soul, the King has clearly and humbly expressed his knowledge regarding the abundance of resources within the Sovereign State of Good Hope, and he is well aware that these resources are mismanaged, resulting in as much as half of South Africa’s population living in poverty and in complete fear for their lives under the corrupt political regime.

The intention of the Sovereign State of Good Hope, is to restore a state of dignity to those who are impoverished and suffering; to overhaul the education system in a way that teaches compassion and practical skills, whilst eradicating the lies from history classes. The Sovereign State of Good Hope intends to assist all people realise their fullest potential, and to live in a fair, just, peaceful, sustainable nation state.

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